White pumpkins for dinner tonight

Happy fall everyone!

White pumpkins for dessert tonight  5x7 oil on gessoboard

White pumpkins for dessert tonight
5×7 oil on gessoboard


God Bless America

Red,white and lake blue

4th of July at Crystal Lake. A much loved family tradition.  Happy fourth everyone! God bless America. I painted this last year. This year looks soggy (rain forecast), but we will not be deterred! Looking forward to applying techniques learned at Carol Marine’s workshop on my 2013 4th of July lake painting. Stay safe out there!


  I am thrilled to announce that Karin Jurick has added me to her NY blogger list on her blogspot.  I was fortunate to attend her first NY workshop in May 2010.  I learned many invaluable tips to further my artistic endeavors as well as meeting some wonderful new art friends.  One of Karins’ tips was to create a blogspot to display your art.  I was a little slower to do this than most.  Something about 7 children and the cares of this world.  This painting was done at Karins’  workshop.  One of NY’s finest.  His expression while dealing with NY city traffic was priceless.  If you are not familiar with Karins’ art, check out her website.  Google Karin Jurick, sit back and enjoy!

Winter break

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Jackson Hole Wy.

Lots of fun in the snow, skiing, snowmobiling, good food, friendly people and great art galleries.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it as your next winter destinatiion!

Forever young


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This is Fay.  She is a friend of mine who happens to clean my house for me once a week.  After she feeds her horses in the morning she cleans all day, every day, then goes home and rides her horse.  She barrel races on the weekends. She is kind, honest, works for everything she has, and doesn’t ask for anything from anybody.  She is 77 years young.  Since I’ve known her she has broken her hip and her leg.  Within 5 to 8 weeks she was back on the job after each break.  When you are looking for the heroes in America today, try looking at the hardworking, uncomplaining , consevative women around us.  Now that’s feminism you can write about.  Correction: fay is 78 years young.

Afgan girl

Posting on a blog is new for me.  I guess I am what you would call a conservative feminist.  Anyone wondering what that is should read The Flipside of Feminism, a book recommended to me by my daughter.  I am working class enough to believe that if you believe strongly in something you do something about it.  That is why I support women who believe in the revolutionary idea of supporting all women, even the unborn ones.  That’s why we have 4 adoptive children.  The photo of this Afgan woman was so compelling I had to paint her.